Hi! This is the Hints page, read on for some helpful hints for you to follow.

  • At the start of the game, find a shelter, for exsample, the Seed Shop, you could place a Makeshift Gate or Makeshift Brick Gate by the entrance. Make the sure Gate isn’t on the inside, people could block you. Always place it outside the shelter.
  • When looking for guns, find boxes next to the Gun Shop, they could contain Rifles, Hammers and 870 Combats. Click here to learn how to open boxes
  •  Always start off with a Forge, if you think your Forge is too close to something flammable, you could always make the flammable item, un-flammabe. Click here to learn how
  • Creating a colony is hard, you need to pick wisely, there could be spies, noobs and other people that you wouldn’t want joining you. Click here to find out why