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I started playing S:A today to go down memory lane, and I got hooked. I’ll be online (most the time) from 4:30 to 10-ish on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Special Surprise post.

You all might have thoguht I died (I did a little on the inside), but I’m a;ive. We have over 30k views and I moved to The United States. Garnold has added afew new features since I quit Roblox in April. One of them involves PvP. I got into Minecraft, Dead Island, Assassin’s Creed, and Skyrim (nerdy games, I know.),  and quickly got really good at them. I’m on Xbox Live (God of Fails73),so add me? Anyways, this is going to be my last post for a while, may be until the end of the year, but I’m happy that since I joined this site as an admin, there have been nearly 15k views. I might buy a laptop and get back into S:A, as it is an amazingly good game (as is it’s look alike, soon to be released as an independent title, which you can get now with Arma 2: Combined Operations, called , wwhich is a mod.).


Anyways, I need to do the outro (of darkness then redness then whiteness).

Kh, the Zombie Lord AWAY!

I’m baaaaaaccckkkk!!!! I have no clue what’s been updated on S:A, so please comment with it and you could be The Random Fan of March 2012!!!

S:A Update!

Garnold changed S:A’s name to “Survival: Apocalypse (Christmas Update!)”. “What was the update”, you may ask. I have no idea in the name of Muffins. Comment with random nonsence.


Kh, The Zombie Lord AWAY!

Hey all you S:A fans out there, Khdog73 here, reporting that one week ago, Garnold undated S:A fixing time and when zombies spawn.


Do you think that Garnold will return to S:A updates like adding new weapons, maps, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, nd if he does, how long do you think he’ll return?



Kh the Zombie Lord Away!

Garnold has released a new version of S:A called “Survival: Apocalypse (No PVP)”, meaning no Players killing each other. What do you think of this? I think it’s pointless, I mean, the guns are jacked up, no raiding, and no oil drums. Where’s the challenge??? That’s all I want to know. Comment with your opinion.


Kh the Zombie Lord Away!


Hey, What’s Up? For all of you who have some sort of obsession over me, YaYa, Pinbat, or Darth, get over it. Second, on December 19th, 20th, and/or 18th I’ll be on S:A answering questions and allowing people into my colony. So, if you’re a fan, or a psycho, show up to meet me!

WARNING: This may be dangerous. Only come welly armed, or if you’re ready to fight and/kill any people who may have something against me (Lots do). I am not responsible for any item loss (even if I kill you), death of a Salesman, death of an ally, death of friends, or Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. You have been warned.

This is for people who need a guide on places for bases (Ooo! A Rhyme!), a guide on weapons (And suggested weapons for your experience), and colony numbers your certain level of experience.

Made Completely by me. I spent an hour and a half writing and typing this. Please comment with if you liked it or not. This is a good guide considering I didn’t copy it off some other website.


Suggested Colony numbers: 1(solo) -3

Suggested Bases:

Seed Shop:Small amount of space, No zombies inside, but you have to know how to farm; zombies may swarm the outside of it, and people might break in, somewhat close to weapon spawns (perfect for small colonied beginners, and everyone who’s a lone-wolf)

Top of Spawning Warehouse: Large amounts of space, no zombies, great sniping vantage point, close to wood, bricks, metal, and crates, but a lot of people will try to get up here (Perfect for all levels of players, as long as they know how to defend) 

Caves (One Entranced): Usually have small to medium amounts of space, may have a few zombies, no near-by food supply (usually), sometimes weapons will spawn in your base in crates, such as rifles, shotguns, and AK-47s (More Advanced Beginners suggested)

Weapons Suggested:

Metal Bar- No ammo needed, opens crates, kills zombies easily with head-blows, easy to make (make tool with a scrap metal)

Pistols: Have 12 shots per magazine, rapid fire (not fully automatic), low to medium amounts of damage, usually easy to find (weapon shop)

Rifle (No scope): Gives you an Edge in close combat, medium to high damage, 8 shots per magazine, bad part is it’s bolt-actioned


Suggested Colony Number: 1 (solo) to 5

 Suggested Bases:

Top of Spawning Warehouse: Read Above note on this

Caves: Read above note on this

Gas Stations: Perfect for when you need fuel for lighters or cars, has metal and sometimes plastic, none to low amounts of zombies,  medium to large amounts of space (depending on how you build the walls)

Apartments (Skyscrapers with rooms): Has small rooms, but around five or six floors, has enough rooms for all of your colony to have a room (maybe a room mate), has room for storage, can be sealed off, no zombies (unless taunted toward there), and usually near a weapon store or food supply

Islands: Usually no one goes there, but it’s perfect for raiders, colonies, murderers, cooks, construction workers, and everyone else. There’s usually an ample (plentiful) amount of food there, a gas station, apartments, a dock, a weapon store, a seed shop, no zombies, and a large amount of space. This is perfect for everyone (if they can make a raft)


Crowbar: Better than the Metal Bar, Opens crates faster, and a little stronger than the Metal Bar. Low damage, High if a blow to the head

Rifle (No Scope): Gives you the ability to run, Kills Quickly if headshots, and easy to find. 8 Shots per magazine

Shotgun: Gives you the Ability to run, 4 shells is the undertube (where the ammo in the gun is stored) max, low to high damage (depends on distance), harder to find (found in crates)

Rifle (Scoped): Perfect for Snipers, Not as good as the LAZ Sniper Magnum, but good with headshots, and snipers.

AK-47s- Meant for those who are trigger happy, medium damage, but usually always kills, perfect for executions, 30 shots per magazine, fully automatic


Colony Numbers: 1 (solo) to infinity


The Ship: Has Food, Water, space, but medium to large amounts of zombies, and hard to defend against raiders

The Hospital: Has Medpacks, food, water, rooms, a sniping vantage, but medium to large numbers of zombies, and is one of the survivor hotspots. Easy to defend against raiders due to upstairs windows and the rooftop, but if it’s attacked by a large number of raiders, then just surrender.

The Supermarket: Unlimited Food supply, no zombies, but a raider hotspot. Easy to defend until they get inside.

Open Space (No Buildings): Good, but only as long as you can build. Walls and doors are required, raiders are less likely to attack, due to no buildings, and usually small food supplies. No to Large amounts of zombies

Any of the places mentioned above


Any weapon to your pleasing.

Thanks for reading! Comment your opinion, or suggestions on other places! The Just Might be Added to the list!

(My new signature) Kh the Zombie Lord Away!

A few weeks ago, Garnold changed the name of S:A to “Survival” Apocalypse (Done)”, and mentioned on the in-game updates bar-thing that there will be no more updates. But with this loss comes a gain… The Original drag tool’s back :D


For all you GTA fans, Rockstar announced GTA V and released an announcement trailer. By the Way, Dead Island is one of the best Zombie Survival Games. It’s worth the money spent to get it.


Do you like the current way S:A is?

Survival:Apocalypse Version 2.9.1

Yesterday Garnold added a few setting to S:A. Settings include (This is taken from the S:A Desc.):

 V: 2.9.1 – In this update I fixed some recipes that were previously broken; the Wired Brick set, and the Adobe set. I also made a new drag tool from scratch, so I’d like to have feedback on that. It mainly prevents you from moving bricks further than 25 studs away, stopping drag burning. I also made it so you cannot put a wall/gate anywhere within 30 studs of a gun shop.


I’m personally bummed about the new drag tool, because it makes bombing harder, unless your suicidal bombing (not very popular). I’m happy about the gun shop thing though.

This is Khdog73, with the latest.


Do you think Garnold should Bring back the old Drag Tool, or add another Automatic Gun to S:A?


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