Hi everyone. Thanks to xXPyroAznxX we have been testing bullet proof vests.

–What they do–

When you create it, it’s an item, just put it on the ground and touch it. Sometimes it will anchor, but you can reset :/

I believe it gives you more health, for example, 150, like a Pistol would do 2 damage every shot. Pretty cool eh?

–How to make it–

You will need 1 Rope (Which is made out of a stalk from plants) 2 Metal Blades (Which is made with a hammer, check video in recipe list) and 2 Clay! Clay is a new recource into S:A and it found by wetting sand, and cooking it on a forge.




Bullet Proof Vest: 2 Metal Blades + 2 Clay + 1 Rope